Posted by: Celestino Vacations | January 13, 2011

Villas Tortugas

This is a two years old boutique hotel is on the beach with guest rooms, RV park, restaurant and pool.

Villas Tortugas



  1. If you are driving be careful as the road from the village of Celestino gasca has two huge dips in it. Rvs are likely to encounter problems with the mud even if it rains only a little bit. You could find yourself trapped there until the road dries out! Big rigs cannot go up the dips in the mud! This area is just before the RV Park. Just a warning!


  2. Me pueden dar tarifas de los cuartos y con queservicios cuentas hotel alberca restaurante


  3. Para saber tarifas, el uso d las instalaciones si no quieres pasar la noche ahí y si hay restaurant


  4. Me interesa reservar por favor y no me he podido comunicar … Quiero saber si hay disponibles habitaciones


    • I don’t know if they are still open. If you discover yes, let me know the contact details.


  5. Requiero saber los precios de favor


  6. Quiero saber los precios


    • hola buenos dias para saber precios de 2 noches Y dos dias o cuanto cobran por dia


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